Rocco Forino Capital LLC

About Us

Rocco Forino Capital (RFC) is a private equity company specializing in the research and investment in distressed equities.  Our investment philosophy is a risk averse approach that focuses equally on what can go wrong (risk) versus concluding only what can go right (return) with an investment opportunity.  This investing philosophy requires a careful, patient and disciplined process that when performed correctly…can potentially yield substantial returns.

The passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has opened the global investment community to deploy capital into distressed U.S communities across America labeled Opportunity Zones (OZs).  This investment initiative will  provide impressive tax incentives for investors who deploy their capital to the OZ communities where it is desperately needed. 

Since OZs are comprised of strictly distressed communities, RFC is properly positioned to use its risk averse investment philosophy to discover the most attractive investment deals that will provide maximum return on investment while meeting our social impact investing initiatives.

Rocco Forino Capital seeks to angel invest in bold entrepreneurs who solve problems that positively impact at least a million people. In order to receive investments these entrepreneurs and business property must be located within OZs or be willing to relocate their businesses or startups to an OZ to enable investors to take advantage of the tax incentives.

To learn the best skills and strategies on how to raise capital for your OZ business or OZ real estate deal, we encourage both entrepreneurs and investors to read the book Rebuilding America: A Capital Raising Guide Connecting Investors, QOFs, Entrepreneurs and Developers with opportunity zones for positive social impact. 

Entrepreneurs seeking an investment from RFC should send a two minute video presentation introducing themselves, where they are from, their business concept and how much money they are looking for in exchange for an equity stake in their business. Email the two minute introduction via a private youtube link to info@roccoforinocapital.com and include all relevant contact information.

Upon receiving an investment from RFC, entrepreneurs will gain access to RFC’s elite network of branding, SEO, public relations, trademark and patent attorneys and business strategists that will position the business for the highest probability of success.

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Rocco Forino Capital LLC is not obligated to make an investment in any individual person or company that sends presentations to it nor is it obligated to keep any information sent to it or its partners confidential.