[ Kamil Homsi ]

Kamil Homsi

Investing in Opportunity Zones, a prominent global investor’s perspective.


Kamil Homsi is the CEO of GRC Investments Group a Single-family office in Dubai/UAE. A Multi-lingual, seasoned executive and consummate global entrepreneur with 30+ years of valued transaction-centric experience in cross-border deal structure, alternative investments, and capital markets. He has done investment deals in over 100 countries and on nearly every continent.

In this episode, we talk about investing in Opportunity Zones from a global investor’s perspective. Covering issues of self-certification and what could happen to investors if they choose an OZ fund manager who does not maintain compliance for the full tenure of the investment.

Kamil is a big proponent of investing in America, specifically in Opportunity Zones which is part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that provides generous tax incentives for investors seeking to reinvest their capital gains in America’s poorest communities which consist of small businesses, startups, real estate and impact related investments to name a few.

Kamil has been featured as a keynote speaker on investing in Opportunity Zones at numerous conferences throughout the United States.

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Edited by: Jadon Grier

Music by: Andrew Andraos

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